Expectations of Students

Regular class attendance is expected. The learning activities, discussions, and interactions in class are an invaluable developmental experience in line with the goals of the course and GATL. 

In keeping with GATL guidelines, each credit hour for class represents 1.5 hours of outside work. The workload for this 4-credit class consists of 40 hours in class and 60 hours for homework (reading and writing assignments).

Pre-Course Reading
Each student should allocate two weeks before every course to adequately prepare for the next course by doing advanced reading of two required e-books. Each student will submit a reading log in the journal assignment #1 for each course. This reading log will include the following format:



Read on Time:

# of Days Finished Late:

# of Pages not Read at All:

On my honor as a servant of God, I declare, without reservation, that what I have written here is true.


Student’s Signature

Due Date for Assignments
All assignments are due 1 month before the start of the next cycle of courses. In the case of 2 courses being delivered in a cycle every 6 months, then all assignments for both courses will be due 5 months after the completion of the residential course. In the case of 1 course being delivered every 3 months, then the assignments for the course will be due 10 weeks after the completion of the residential course. The penalty mark for late assignments will be 1-mark deduction for 1-day late past the due date. Please note that all assignments must result in a minimum final pass mark of 81%. 

Graduation Requirements
Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA in order to graduate.

Paper/Project Policies
1. A
ll papers and projects are to be done in the approved APA format. If you have questions about APA, see: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/

2. All work is to be entirely the student’s original work; if other sources are used in any way, appropriate credit must be given. Any paper found to be plagiarized will be subject to a failing mark of F. For explanation of plagiarism and examples or correct and incorrect citations, see: http://www.psych.uncc.edu/pagoolka/plagiars.html

3. Student papers may be edited for language and grammar but not for content.

4. Paper/Project Evaluation Percentages: 20%–Spelling and Grammar; 40%–Content; 40%–Practical Application

Course/Individual Assignment Grading System
A       95 – 100           B         84 – 88             C      73  – 77
      92 – 94             B-        81 – 83             C-     70 – 72
B+      89 – 91            C+       78 – 80             D/F    0  – 69