What We Believe


GATL exists to help accelerate the world’s holistic transformation by intentionally developing and deploying servant leaders of conviction, character and competence from a biblical perspective.


To produce high-impact emerging leaders for the world


Biblical: Character, Belief, Values

Emerging: Intentional development of next generation leaders, holistic, sustainable leadership

Mobile: Globally available, contextually relevant, cost effective

Quality: Exposure to best practices, experiential learning, consistency of evaluation

Practical: Shaping the learner’s knowledge, behavior, skills and practices


GATL maintains the following four core values:

Intentional: GATL is an intentional leadership development program.  It believes that the problem of the shortage of transformational servant leaders does not go away by itself, and intentional action must be taken.

Biblical: GATL maintains biblical perspective in all its content and training processes.  It maintains a belief that leaders who are genuine, secure, and willing to serve others are the ones whose worldview and attitude is shaped by the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Practical: The emphasis of GATL is practical application. GATL believes that leaders learn better and develop faster when they are exposed to best leadership practices, taught how to integrate theory with practice, mentored by exemplary leaders, given challenging ministry assignments and held accountable to design and implement their personal development plans.

Transformational: The leadership development process of GATL is transformational. GATL believes that leaders who have experienced inner personal transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit can play a significant role in leading holistic societal transformation.